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Volunteers - The HEART of the Community

Volunteer opportunities for your community ~

The Mount Tolmie Community Association (MTCA) is a fantastic neighbourhood to live in – and we truly are a community where businesses, families, students and seniors no only know each other, we help each other out. The small, yet active board of directors for the MTCA give their time and efforts to events and representing our community.

We appreciate all the long-time volunteers, but are always looking for new people to help out. The more volunteers, the lighter the work load for all and hopefully make the volunteer experience more rewarding as we continue to build our wonderful and vibrant community.

Please consider contributing your time and enthusiasm to one of the volunteer areas:

Communications: If you have creative skills to update the two MTCA bulletin boards and/or technically savvy to update the website and send out electronic newsletters, this role is for you. (Approximately 8-12 hours per month, and on your time!)

Events: Perfect for the outgoing, social and organized person. (Approximately 4 – 20 hours per month, depending on the type and how many events.)

Emergency Preparedness/Safety: Help spread the word on how to keep our neighbourhoods safe and prepared for any emergency. (Approximately 8-12 hours per month, depending on what you would like to do!)

Board Member: The best way to get involved to learn more about how much the community association does for your community. From working with developers, lobbying for sidewalks, to representing the association at various meetings. (Approximately 8-12 hours per month, depending on what’s happening and attending regular monthly board meetings).

A great opportunity to make new friends, share your expertise & knowledge!

For further information, please call Penny Stevens, 250-721-3731 or email: