(May 2010)



 1.1        Any person who lives, or owns a business or property within the Mount Tolmie Area (as noted in Article 6) and is of legal age may apply for active membership.

1.2        Membership fees shall be on an annual basis and determined by the Board of Directors.

1.3        All paid members of the Association shall be entitled to one vote per member at all Annual General or Special Meeting of the Association.

1.4        Proxy voting is not allowed.

1.5        Voting is by show of hands.

1.6        All voting shall be by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the motion is defeated.

1.7       All members shall abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Association and/or its Board of Directors. Members that are found to be in violation of the constitution and/or by-laws shall be considered to be not in good standing. A member can be expelled from the Association by a two-thirds vote by the Board    of Directors. Membership shall cease upon written resignation accepted by the association.


2.1        The operation and affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive      and Board of Directors.

2.2        The Executive shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

2.3       Additional directors may be appointed by the Executive for the purpose of holding a specific volunteer role or be part of a sub-committee, except for the Immediate Past President who is automatically appointed to this position.

2.4        The Executive shall be elected to office at the Annual General Meeting.

2.5        The period of office for the Board of Directors shall be from Annual General Meeting until the next Annual General Meeting.

2.6        The Executive will serve as a Nominating Committee.

2.7        The Nominating Committee shall ensure that at least one member is nominated for each Executive position by the time of the Annual General Meeting.

2.8        Nominations may be made from the floor, at the Annual General Meeting until nominations are closed, by vote, at the Meeting.

2.9        The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President, and the President may also call a meeting when requested by any three Directors.

2.10       All Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to the paid membership of the Association, but those members are not entitled to any voting that may take place.


 3.1        The Annual General Meeting shall be held on an annual basis at a time and place scheduled by the Board of Directors normally during the months of April or May.

3.2        The Board of Directors will meet on a regular basis and if required may call a Special General Meeting.

3.3        Notice of the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting shall be made public at least fourteen days in advance. The notice shall indicate the time and place of the meeting and the status (Annual General or Special General) of the meeting

3.4        The rules of procedure at a meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors, or if any member objects, Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply.


4.1        The President presides at all Executive and Annual General and Special   Meetings and acts as the official representative of the Association. The president may appoint other members to represent the Association for specific purposes.

4.2        The Vice-President assists the President in the performance of his/her duties. In the event of the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President.

4.3        The Secretary maintains all records and correspondence of the Association.

 4.4        The Treasurer is responsible for all the finances of the Association and shall maintain an accurate accounting of revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities of the Association. The treasurer shall present a financial statement at the Annual General Meeting and also maintains the register of paid members.

4.5        The Past-President shall provide counsel to the Board of Directors.

4.6        Directors-at-large shall actively participate in the business of the Association and may assume responsibilities or act as a representative of the Association on a sub-committee or specific volunteer duty.

4.7        A director of the Association who conducts business on behalf of the Association must report his/her activities back to the Board of Directors.

4.8        A director of the Association may be removed from office by a motion passed by two-thirds majority vote at a meeting of the Executive.

4.9        Board of Directors are expected to actively participate in the business of the Association.


5.1        Quorum at an Annual General or Special Meeting is 10% of the paid membership.

5.2        Quorum at an Executive Committee meeting is 50% of the Board of Directors and must include either the President or Vice-President and the Secretary or Treasurer.


6.1        The Mount Tolmie Community Association boundaries are Cedar Hill

Road on the west, McKenzie Avenue on the north, Gordon Head Road on the east, Derby Road,Shelbourne St., and Cedar Avenue on the south,

and additionally all residents on the north side of Mount Tolmie


7.1        A motion to amend the Constitutions or By-laws of the Association must be passed by three-quarters majority vote of paid membership at an Annual General or Special Meeting.

7.2        Notice of amendment to the Constitution or By-law must be made public at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General or Special Meeting.


Revised By-laws May 2010