About the MTCA

The MTCA was officially formed in 1993. Since then many volunteer community members have filled positions on the board of directors. The association is proud of what it has accomplished in the past and what it is currently doing for the community.

The Mount Tolmie Community Association boundaries are Cedar Hill Road on the west, McKenzie Avenue on the north, Gordon Head Road on the east, Derby Road on the south, and additionally all residents on the north side of Mount Tolmie.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Marlene DavieĀ at 250-472-2246 or email info@mtca.ca.

Purposes of the MTCA

To advance the interests and meet the community needs of members of the Association and the residents of the area known as Mount Tolmie in the District of Saanich.

To promote the interest of the members of the Association concerning the physical, environmental, economic, social and aesthetic aspects of the community and land use and development.

To be a resource of information about the area for the benefit of the residents of the area.

To serve as a liaison between the residents of the Association area and all levels of government and public agencies.

To foster meaningful community participation in all developments and land use planning for the Association area.

To ensure that the community residents have a determining voice by democratic process, on all public projects within the Association area.

To enter into various contracts, associations, or partnerships with various agencies to improve the well-being of the community.


Any person who lives, or owns a business or property within the Association area and is of legal age may apply for membership as an active member; Any person who is interested in the operation of the Association who has been accepted by the Board of Directors may apply for membership as an associate non-voting member. Prospective members may join the Association by paying the annual membership fee.

Mission Statement

The Mount Tolmie Community Association has been organized to foster a sense of community identity and pride among Saanich Residents who live in the Mount Tolmie area.

Quick facts about the MTCA

– Active in the development of the Shelbourne Local Area Plan and the current Shelbourne Corridor Study;
– Have representatives on community committees: Saanich Community Association Network, UVic Community Associations Liaison Committee;
– Have an Emergency Preparedness program;
– Participates in the Block Watch Program and was instrumental in Shelbourne Plaza becoming a Business Block Watch;
– Bulletin board located at Shelbourne Plaza (beside Fairways);
– Electronic news bulletins.


New bench at Poplar and Richmond.

Community banners.

Initiated improvements to Mount Tolmie and had a new bench installed.

A number of successful housing developments in our community as a result of working closely with developers and the municipality.

Major Improvements to Horner Park in consultation with our community.

About 80% of MTCA blocks now have Block Watch block leaders.

A traffic cross walk across Gordon Head Road to the University.

A traffic cross walk at Mortimer & Shelbourne with traffic control lights

A four way stop at Richmond and Poplar and plans for a major intersection improvement in that area.

A sidewalk on Midgard Avenue.

Improvements to Cedar Hill X Road.