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My New Electric World by Mark Davie

Long before Covid I was interested in contributing to a healthy and positive environment.  I already had a vegetable garden, a few rain barrels (6) and recycled beyond what the blue boxes take.
The first exciting project was…..more

1544 Christmas Ave – Re-zoning and Development Application 


Important Information

Saanich Council MeetingsSchedule and information can be found on the Saanich website.

Safer community: In an effort to reinforce that our community is made up of a wonderful and diverse group of people and businesses, the MTCA promotes two programs:  Block Watch and the “Mount Tolmie Good Neighbour Program 2017” program.

The MTCA is proud to support your community with two amenities:  A bench located at Richmond/Poplar (near the bus stop) and a Bike Repair Station located at the north end of Shelbourne Village Square.