MTCA announces its 2017-18 Board of Directors

Marlene Davie: President

Vacant: Vice-President

Wendy Webb: Secretary

Patty Mack: Past-President

Mark Davie: Treasurer

Gayla Baranieski: Board Member

Jacquie Farris: Board Member

Val Neaves: Board Member

Mei Ang: Board Member


Volunteering for your community:   Volunteer opportunities include: communications, special projects, lead contact for developments and more.  If you are able to give 3-4 hours per month, have the skills and knowledge in board governance and communications that would be a valued asset.  For further information, email: info@mtca.ca or call Marlene Davie at 250-472-2246.


Saanich Council Meetings
Schedule and information can be found on the Saanich website.

Developments in the MTCA area – There are a variety of applications pending.  Further information can be found at this website.  Any inquiries should be directed to Saanich Planning. Click here for more details.

Safer community: In an effort to reinforce that our community is made up of a wonderful and diverse group of people and businesses, the MTCA promotes two programs:  Block Watch and the “Mount Tolmie Good Neighbour Program 2017” program.

The MTCA is proud to support your community with two amenities:  A bench located at Richmond/Poplar (near the bus stop) and a Bike Repair Station located at the north end of Shebourne Village Square.



Lafayette String Quartet Health Forum: Oct 5, UVic

Theme: “Our Vital Brain – being mindful about optimal health”

Fall Supper – Oct. 21

The Cedars Annual Fall Bizarre – Oct. 21, 3710 Cedar Hill Road

St. Aidan’s Annual Bizarre – Nov. 4