Welcome to the home of the Mount Tolmie Community Association (MTCA). We help facilitate, promote, support or undertake activities that will enhance the quality of life for those living and working in the Mount Tolmie area and to foster community engagement.  We foster and maintain a working relationship with Saanich Council and staff, business and service organizations, developers, special interest groups and other community associations for the betterment of our community. We review proposals to ascertain compliance with the OCP (Official Community Plan) and our Local Area Plan while seeking fair and appropriate community amenities. Like us on Facebook




The Fall 2018 MTCA Bulletin

The MTCA is a group of community volunteers whose goal is to make the Shelbourne Valley a meaningful and safe place to live.  Be a part of it! *********************************

Development updates: Not all have applications in Saanich yet.  For those that are, check the active developments pending with Saanich on their website.

  • 3601 Cedar Hill Road (Contact Daniel Doore, 250-721-2788)
  • 1677 Christmas Ave (Contact Denise Kors, 250-544-4017)
  • 1514, 1520 Cedar Hill Cross Rd | 3801, 3811 Cedar Hill Rd (Trillium/Highgate) (Contact Tony James, 250-388-4261 ext. 107)
  • University Heights Mall (in Gordon Head Residents Association boundary, new owners consulting all surrounding community associations), (Contact Tamra Groh, 604-694-8815)
  • Kisber/Stanboul/Christmas (Contact Eric Barker, 250-385-4565)
  • 1770 Mortimer (Contact Laurie Poulsen, 250-886-1248)
  • 1650 Cedar Hill X Rd (Contact Brad McAdams, 250-383-4124)
  • 1604 Derby Rd (Contact Denise Kors, 250-544-4017)
  • 3900 Block Shelbourne Street (Contact Travis Lee, (250) 477-2414)


Building Neighbourhoods For The Future


Shelbourne Community Kitchen Fundraising Campaign
The kitchen has begun its first ever fundraising campaign and the goal is to raise $80,000.
As a founding member of the kitchen, the MTCA is proud to support the campaign including promoting it to the wider community. The kitchen is a unique and special non-profit organization in the Shelbourne Valley that: provides access to nutritious food; develop gardens where people work together to grow food for themselves and others; offers other community, spiritual and social resource.
For further information and to support the kitchen please go to the website: http://shelbournecommunitykitchen.ca



Important Information

Saanich Council MeetingsSchedule and information can be found on the Saanich website.

Safer community: In an effort to reinforce that our community is made up of a wonderful and diverse group of people and businesses, the MTCA promotes two programs:  Block Watch and the “Mount Tolmie Good Neighbour Program 2017” program.

The MTCA is proud to support your community with two amenities:  A bench located at Richmond/Poplar (near the bus stop) and a Bike Repair Station located at the north end of Shebourne Village Square.

Volunteer opportunities include: communications, special projects, lead contact for developments and more.  If you are able to give 3-4 hours per month, have the skills and knowledge in board governance and communications that would be a valued asset.

For further information, email: info@mtca.ca or call Marlene Davie at 250-472-2246.